Municipal Entities

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Map of Tomsk Region

Map of Tomsk Region

Tomsk Seversk (closed city) Kolpashevo Kedrovy Strezhevoy Kozhevnikovsky District Shegarsky District Zyryansky District Teguldetsky District Pervomaysky District Molchanovsky District Krivosheinsky District Bakcharsky District Chainsky District Parabelsky District Asino Verkhneketsky District Kargasoksky District Aleksandrovsky District Kolpashevsky District Tomsky District Asinovsky District

16 municipal districts of Tomsk Region
Aleksandrovsky District (1)
Asinovsky District (11)
Bakcharsky District (5)
Verkhneketsky District (8)
Zyryansky District (14)
Kargasoksky District (2)
Kozhevnikovsky District (17)
Kolpashevsky District (7)
Krivosheinsky District (10)
Molchanovsky District (9)
Parabelsky District (3)
Pervomaysky District (12)
Teguldetsky District (13)
Tomsky District (15)
Chainsky District (6)
Shegarsky District (16)
4 city districts of Tomsk Region
Kedrovy (4) Seversk (closed city) Strezhevoy Tomsk
NameQuantity of rural settlementsQuantity of town settlements
Aleksandrovskiy district 6  
Asinovskiy district 6 1
Bakcharskiy district 6  
Verkhneketskiy district 8 1
Ziryanskiy district 5  
Kargasokskiy district 12  
Kozhevnikovskiy district 8  
Kolpashevskiy district 8 1
Krivosheinskiy district 7  
Molchanovskiy district 5  
Parabelskiy district 5  
Pervomaiskiy district 6  
Teguldetskiy district 4  
Tomskiy district 19  
Chainskiy district 4  
Shegarskiy district 6  
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Municipal Entities

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