The company develops and manufactures EHF and FRI equipment for medical and biological applications.

About the product:

"Spinor®" units have an effect on a biological object by ultra-low background radiation (FRI®) of extremely high frequency (EHF) and infrared (IR) range. The effect of this radiation is able to activate the work of the body through the energy adjustment of the systems and organs at the level of cell tissues, as well as to block the development of the pathogenic process by radiation on its own frequencies. Spinor LLC products found their application in the field of medicine, veterinary medicine, agriculture and construction, as well as improving the efficiency of biologically active substances.

Contact information:

48/1, Karl Marx str., room 300, Tomsk, Russia, 634009

Phone: +7 (3822) 40-84-62, 40-84-55




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