GC Tomsk instrument

The company offers designing, manufacturing and selling of a wide range of metal-cutting and wood-cutting tools for all industries.

About the product:

Metal-cutting tools:

• twist drills with cylindrical and taper shank;

• threading tools (taps, dies, rollers);

• gear-making millers (worm, modular-disc);

• end mill tools;

• assembly, fitted with changeable multifaceted carbide blades (drills, end mill tools and flat bottom mills);

• solid carbide tools;

• tools according to customer drawings.

• wood-cutting tools:

• drills;

• end mill tools;

• shell slot-milling cutters;

• backed-off profile shell-milling cutters;

• assembly shell-milling cutters with milled-to-pattern knives.

Fast Moving Consumer Goods:

• Sets of metal, concrete, and wood drills;

• Sets of thread-cutting tools.

Contact information:

1/2 Sovetskaya str., Loskutovo, Tomsk, Russia, 634526

Phone: +7 (3822) 94-40-10

Fax: +7 (3822) 94-39-75

E-mail: oved@tiz.ru

Web-site: www.tiz.ru


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