Siberian Agrarian Group identified its 2011 investment priorities


Siberian Agrarian Group confirmed its strategic development plan and its investment priorities for 2011. The investment priorities include:

  • construction of a new pig farm in Buryatia with annual capacity of 13,000 tons of pork live weight
  • expansion of Uralsky pig farm capacity 1,5 times
  • work on a project involving construction of a dairy livestock farm in Tomsk


ZAO Sibirskaya Agrarnaya Gruppa (Siberian Agrarian Group limited liability company) is a vertically integrated agroindustrial holding. The holding includes a pig breeding complex in Svetly (Tomsk Region), Uralsky pig farm (Sverdlovsk Region), meat factories in Tomsk, Kemerovo and in the Urals, Asino compound fodder factory (Tomsk Region), three commercial farms in Asino District (Tomsk Region), Seversk city dairy factory, and a branded retail chain. The holding owns over 30,000 ha of arable land in Tomsk and Sverdlovsk Regions.

Source: Siberian Agrarian Group
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