INOTomsk 2020 to spin-off a center for cluster development


A center for cluster development will open in Tomsk under the INOTomsk 2020 project approved by the Russian Government, RIA Novosti reports citing Andrey Trubitsyn, Head of the Tomsk Region Department for Development of Entrepreneurship and Real Economy.

"We are creating a center for cluster development. It is a peculiar Russian "click." We want to describe potential cooperation links for various companies and organizations following a common path such as a nuclear cluster, or a biomedical cluster," Andrey Trubitsyn said at a press-conference in the Regional Media Center of RIA Novosti.

"This would help understand the system of interactions, and achieve certain compensating effects – financial, administrative and organizational – and to find a point where to throw a stone to make circles."

"We need a synergy so that cluster members get to new markets," he emphasized.

He also added that the center is "in progress" and the details of its creation may be announced by the end of 2011.

According to Andrey Trubitsyn, the project INOTomsk 2020 opens a new market for Tomsk companies "as there will be new companies, new people and a new environment."

"The quality infrastructure which is currently being created makes business grow," he said.

The concept of the project for creation of a center for education, research and development INOTomsk 2020 was approved by the Government of the Russian Federation on October 6, 2011. Creation of the center in 2011-2012 will cost the budgets at all levels and private investors 39.9bn rubles.

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