26 agribusiness investment projects in the Tomsk region to be implemented with the support of the Russian Agricultural Bank


You can find a recently opened high-tech dairy farm in Krivosheinsky District among the investment projects implemented with the support of the Russian Agricultural Bank.

Andrey Knorr, Deputy Governor of the Tomsk Region on Agro-Industrial Policy and Natural Resource Management said: "Construction of a cattle-breeding enterprise in the village of Pudovka is a bright example of partnership between government and business. In many ways, the project was implemented with the financial support of the Russian Agricultural Bank. This contribution is especially valuable today against the background of the high debt load of farms and their low credibility in banks as a result."

Recall that the total cost of the enterprise assets is RUB 560 million, RUB 375 million of which were invested by the Russian Agricultural Bank. The bank has been working with the project initiator, Belostok Agricultural Production Cooperative, since 2005. More than 30 credit agreements have been concluded during this period.

Igor Shelevoy, Deputy Director of the Tomsk Regional Branch of JSC Russian Agricultural Bank, said: "The regional branch of the bank will continue to expand agricultural project lending to contribute in the further effective development and increased investment attractiveness of domestic agriculture. In addition, we are ready to support other segments of the regional real economy."

26 investment projects were implemented in the region with the financial support of the bank. The most funding has been directed to the construction and reconstruction of cattle breeding farms and greenhouses. More than 86% of all projects built with the support of the Russian Agricultural Bank have been commissioned in the Tomsk Region as of December 10. 

The Tomsk branch of the bank has issued investment loans of more than RUB 230 million during the first 11 months of 2014.

For reference:

JSC Russian Agricultural Bank has the second Russian branch network throughout the country, bringing together more than 1,500 offices. The Tomsk regional branch has been operating in the region since 2005. Today the region has 15 additional offices throughout the territory.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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