The Tomsk region is a leader in the Siberian Federal District in terms of regulating impact quality evaluation


According to the RF Ministry of Economic Development rating, the leaders are the Ulianovsk region, Khabarovsk and Krasnodar krays. The Tomsk region came eighth and became the only region of Siberian Federal District included into the top ten in terms of evaluating the regulating impact of draft legal acts and expertise.

The concept of regulating impact evaluation was first implemented in Tomsk in 2013. In March this year the Governor signed a Decree "On evaluation of the regulating impact of draft legal acts and expertise in the Tomsk region" and in October the Legislative Duma adopted a regional law "On evaluation of regulating impact of draft municipal legal acts and expertise of municipal legal acts in the Tomsk region". Both acts made mandatory the procedure of evaluating the regional and municipal legal acts on entrepreneurship and investment activity from the standpoint of efficiency and regulating impact and identification of provisions that impose excessive duties and limitations on business.

The rating was identified based on a large number of indicators. Novelty of the rating was a block of issues evaluated by regional branches of boards defending the business interests.

"We try to involve business into discussion of documents that change business environment. For example, drafts of November amendments to the Tomsk region laws "On tax on company property" and "On patent system of taxation in the Tomsk region" were heavily criticised by experts and businessman in the course of their public discussion and were reviewed with account of those comments", - noted A. Rukoleeva, Head of Regional Department on Relations with Legal and Representative Authorities.

"The concept of regulating impact assessment becomes and efficient mechanism of feedback between power and business, allows screening the unjustified and inexpedient decisions causing extra costs for business and investments", stressed she.

In 2015 regional authorities intend to assess actual impact of regulating acts, i.e., implement a special system for analysis of applying the adopted documents from a standpoint of goal achievement and practical results.

Source: Press-Service of the Tomsk Region Administration
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