Australian company plans to construct a pharmaceutical factory in Tomsk Special Economic Zone by 2017


Solagift, Ltd., an affiliate of Australian company Solagran Limited, will start construction of the pine needle medicines factory in the southern industrial site of Tomsk Special Economic Zone in the summer of 2014. The project value is estimated at RUB 1 billion.

The factory will accommodate a line for production of pine needle pharmaceutical substances and production of medicines. The production of biologically active substances obtained from hardwood vegetation will be certified to GMP standards. The company plans to produce up to 3 thousand tons of polyprenol (pine-needle extract), provitamin concentrates, oil fraction of Siberian fir.

At present Solagift company is situated in the recently commissioned research and innovation center of SEZ Tomsk. Solagift will get the money for project realization  as a winner of Regions - sustainable development award. As explained by Vladimir Kovalyov, Deputy Director of Solagift, Ltd. most of this money is a long-term loan of Sberbank. A land plot for the project was allocated and the project documentation was elaborated. The construction and erection will start in summer of 2014. The factory is to be commissioned at the end of 2016. Since 2011 when the plans for project were announced the nomenclature of the future products has changed "insignificantly".


Solagift, Ltd. is an affiliate of Solagran Limited, an Australian company. The company was founded in February 2008, from August 25, 2008 they reside at Research and Innovation SEZ Tomsk. Solagran Limited is one of the most successful world companies for study of biologically active pine-needle compounds and other plants and commercialization of their projects. Large pharmacy chains will be the major buyers of the pharmaceutical and make-up products of Solagift in the Russian market.

Source: RIA News Tomsk
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