Russian central heating and power plants to gasify coal at the Tomsk facility


Tomsk scientists designed a technology of low-rank coal conversion into sustainable gas with the help of which Tomsk TETs-3 will be gasifed in the next three years.

The project was supported by the Federal Targeted Program and industry partners. Allocated 451 million rubles are to be spent on facilities construction at the heating station. In these three years, solid fuel gasification facilities will be installed at Tomskaya TETs-3 and at other Russian thermal power stations in the future. Coal-to-gas conversion technology will help to reduce environmental harm of coal combustion and decrease economic costs.

Project government financing through the Federal Targeted Program is provided for three years - 100 million rubles a year. Another 151 million rubles of non-budgetary financing for the whole period will be received from an industry partner - the Energy Without Borders Foundation, established by INTER RAO UES. Project co-developers are the biggest in Russia machine-building plant Compomash-TEK and All-Russian Research Thermal Engineering Institute (JSC VTI).

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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