Mathematical codes for fast neutron reactors are developed in Tomsk Region


Tomsk mathematicians simulate closed fuel cycle processes in fast neutron reactors which are now designed by dozens of bodies in Russia within the framework of the State Atomic Energy Corporation Rosatom's Proryv (Breakthrough) project .

The Rosatom's project work team leader is Alexey Goriunov, Associate Professor at Electronics and Automation of Nuclear Plants Department, according to Tomsk Polytechnic University's press center. Scientists develop new generation codes of at-station nuclear fuel circle simulation, including nuclear reprocessing, nuclear fuel fabrication and fuel assemblies production. As a part of this project, new mathematical models are developed and ones already in place are modified as special software. By means of this software, optimization and diagnostics studies on fuel cycles processing will be carried out for future nuclear power industry.

Tomsk scientists collaborate on the development of codes with a Rosatom's subsidiary, Bochvar National Research Institute for Inorganic Materials, and they have already achieved a certain success.

"Now there are engineering process code prototypes. We are going to present our work for the first time in the fall of 2015, this will be a Siberian Chemical Plant 's finishing facility containing a part of at-station fuel cycle. There are some results of our work that we are showing now", Alexey Goriunov said.

Contemporary software allows improving significantly the quality of current projects and test facility operation both in all normal and abnormal conditions before the facility construction. Scientists artificially put reactors in different conditions and observe at simulations what it is going to result in.

Source: : NIA-Tomsk
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