60 Tomsk Enterprises Will Become the Driving Force of Labor Productivity Growth in the Country


On April 17, a conference was held on the implementation of the national project “Labor productivity and employment support”.

Under the national project, 60 enterprises of the Tomsk region may rely on state support to increase labor productivity by 30%. Among the measures of state support that have become available for Tomsk entrepreneurs are industrial consulting services, learning and training programs, concessional financing. The plan for implementing the national project is the preparation of more than 500 specialists in the production system by 2024 in the Tomsk region, and a creation of a regional competence center and a “Process Factory according to the standards of the National Competence Center”.

According to Nikolay Solomon, General Director of the National Competence Center in Labor Productivity, this year the national project will be expanded to include 20 regions of the country.

“Tomsk region was included in their number on a competitive basis, largely due to the presence of a well-developed regional program. State support measures will help to bring non-primary sector enterprises to a new level, raising product competitiveness.

Joining the national project, the region assumes a serious responsibility as well.

Participating enterprises will enter the number of locomotives to achieve the May decree of the President of the Russian Federation - to ensure the growth of labor productivity in medium and large enterprises of basic non-resource sectors of the economy by at least 5% per year by 2024,” emphasized Nikolay Solomon.

Source: Administration of the Tomsk Region
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