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Government support request form for investment projects by future residents of the Tomsk Industrial Park.

The law about industrial parks has adopted in the Tomsk region (law of Tomsk region of December, 15 2014 № 182-OZ). 

Tomsk industrial park is the industrial area, provided with production, storage and office facilities, vehicle access to each area, communal and logistic infrastructure under centralized operation.

Primary benefits for small and medium business of the Tomsk industrial park:

1)   the time of production location 3-6 months, instead of 1.5-2 years,
2)   free connection to the engineering and transport infrastructure,
3)   low rental payment (almost 2.5 times lower than market value),
4)    package maintenance and engineering services within the park.

Industrial park includes two grounds:

1. Severnaya site (115 ha) is meant for metal-working, mechanical, chemical industry placement along with construction materials production.


2. Berezovaya site (22 ha) is designed for food production placement.

Tomsk industrial park is situated in Tomsk Agglomeration. Its Severnaya ground neighbors with the Severnaya ground of Tomsk special technology development economic area, which facilitates the cooperation between productions in the following innovative clusters:   petrochemical, nuclear, pharmaceutical, information technologies.


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