Benefits and Privileges

Advantages of business activity of resident companies in Tomsk SEZ:

  • Development of up-to-date engineering, social, transport, innovation and other infrastructures to create comfortable conditions and provide material support for the SEZ and adjacent territory;
  • Tax exemptions for the SEZ residents;
  • Establishing of duty-free customs regime;
  • Minimizing of administrative barriers;
  • Incentive rates to lease land lots and offices;
  • State support of the residents’ projects;
  • Concessionary rental rates (200 rubles/m2 per month, including bills);
  • Simplified administration procedures (one-stop shop).

Construction of Infrastructure Facilities in Tomsk SEZ  

Funded from the federal budget and Tomsk Region budget in accordance with the Concept of Tomsk SEZ Development it is planned to:

  • Develop engineering infrastructure in the SEZ and adjacent territory;
  • Construct premises for the residents;
  • Construct and reconstruct transport infrastructure in the SEZ and adjacent territory.

More than 3bn rubles in total have been allocated from the Region budget to implement the Tomsk SEZ creation project.
Besides, it is planned to develop specialized innovative infrastructure in Tomsk SEZ: business-incubators, technology transfer centers, innovation and technology centers, consulting companies, commercialization offices, etc. 
Approval of SEZ layout project within the Concept of Tomsk SEZ Development allows construction of the residents’ own premises based on their business plans.

In Site No.1 of Tomsk SEZ, funded by OJSC “SEZ” and the Tomsk Region budget:  

  1.  In October 2008, Innovation and Technology Center constructed and commissioned (with lab building), total area over 13,000 sq. meters. Currently 23 resident companies are implementing their projects here.
  2. First order building of customs infrastructure constructed and commissioned so that the residents could clear cargos under the current legislation.
  3. Facilities under construction (funded by OJSC “SEZ”):

3.1. Engineering Center, total area – 17,004.3 sq. meters.
3.2. Infrastructure facilities:

  • Intrasite roads and driveways. Treatment facilities for storm water drain. Stretch of roads – 5,956.59 m, stretch of storm water drain networks – 7,238 m.
  • Intrasite tele- and computer communication networks. Stretch of networks – 18.7 km.
  • Intrasite networks of water supply (16.54 km) and sanitary sewage (11.97 km).
  • Intrasite power supply networks. Distribution points – 8 pcs., transformer substations – 39 pcs.
  • Intrasite gas supply networks. Stretch of networks – 6,833 m.
  • Gas boiler-house No.1, capacity – 12.0 MW.

In Site No.2 of Tomsk SEZ:

1. Customs terminal building constructed and commissioned so that the residents could clear cargos under the current legislation. 

Area of Tomsk Special Economic Zone is split up into 1-4 hectare land lots for the residents to build their facilities. Currently 19 resident companies are going to build their own premises: 12 companies – in Site No.1; 7 companies – in Site No.2. Total area of the premises planned for construction by the resident companies of Tomsk SEZ is approximately 100,000 sq. meters.   

Tax concessions for Tomsk SEZ residents:  

  • Property tax for first 10 years of residency – 0%
  • Transport tax for first 10 years of residency – 0%
  • Profit tax – 15.5% (instead of 20%)
  • Simplified taxation system (income <-> expense) – 5%

Tax concessions for resident companies building their own facilities  

  • Land lots are leased with an option to be bought after the constructed building is commissioned (~500,000 rubles/ a hectare).
  • Lease rate during construction ~100,000 rubles a year/ hectare.
  • Transport and engineering infrastructures are led up to each land lot, cost to obtain technical specifications for connection and technical connection to engineering networks is minimal – 17,000 rubles, which is financially incomparable with the connection conditions outside the SEZ.
  • Land tax (5 years) - 0%

Customs regime of duty-free customs zone  

In compliance with Article 37 of the RF Federal Law No.116 dated July 22, 2005 and customs law of the RF, the SEZ has the duty-free customs regime under which:

  • Foreign goods imported by a resident to carry out technical innovation activity are placed and used in the Special Economic Zone without import tax and VAT without any economic limitations and restrictions for such goods;
  • Home made goods are placed and used in the SEZ free of charge or on conditions of application the duty-free customs zone procedure.

State supports the residents’ projects by financing from the following sources:

  • Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE).
  • Non-for-profit organization "Regional Venture Found for Tomsk Region small sci-tech enterprises”
  • In compliance with Law of Tomsk Region No.29-ОЗ dated March 18, 2003 (as amended July 10, 2007) “On federal assistance to investment activity in Tomsk Region”.

Guaranty against non-favorable changes in the legislature of the Russian Federation  

Amendments in the Russian Federation legislature on taxes and dues which worsen conditions for business of the resident tax payers of the special economic zone are not applicable for the residents of the SEZ during the validity of the agreement on pursuing research and innovation activity.

Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type of Tomsk OJSC contact information:
Tel.: +7 (3822) 701-400 – General Director Reception Room
Fax:  +7 (3822) 701-445

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