Tomsk Region Authorities

In compliance with the Constitution of the Russian Federation the state power is executed on the basis of division on legislative, executive and judicial. Bodies of legislative, executive and judicial authority of the Region are independent within their competence.

The governmental authority system of the Region is established independently according to the principles of the Russian Federation constitutional structure, the Federal Law and the Charter Regulation (the Basic Law) of Tomsk Region. The Charter (the Basic Law) of Tomsk Region is passed by the decision of the State Duma of Tomsk Region on July 26, 1995 No. 136).

The Legislative Duma of Tomsk region is a standing legislative (representative) body of the Government of Tomsk region.

The Administration of Tomsk Region is the highest executive authority of the Region.

The judicial power in the Region is executed by the courts established in accord with the Constitution of the Russian Federation and the Federal Constitutional Law.

The legislative power is represented by the Legislative Duma of Tomsk region initially first time assembled through the democratic elections of 1994.

Speaker of the Duma: Oksana Kozlovskaya.

The structure of executive authorities of Tomsk Region includes the Governor of Tomsk Region; Deputies of the Governor of Tomsk Region; structural divisions of Tomsk Region Administration and other executive state authorities of the Region which are not incorporated in Tomsk Region Administration.

Governor of Tomsk Region: Vladimir Mazur.

There are the Region court, district and city courts, Court of Arbitration of Tomsk Region and Justices of the Peace in the Region. The courts of Tomsk Region apply laws of the Russian Federation and laws of the Region.

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