Export Oriented Companies

Information for investors, foreign and Russian businessmen, business support organizations that are interested in establishing business contacts with Tomsk businessmen.

OOO Solagift

The company develops and produces new biologically active substances of coniferous green trees for the pharmaceutical, food, cosmetic and agricultural industries, as well as ready-made medicated products on the basis of those substances.


The company develops and manufactures EHF and FRI equipment for medical and biological applications.

OOO Career

Garment manufacture.



The company develops and promotes at the market high-quality grouting mixtures used for cementing operations on casing strings of oil, gas and gas condensate wells complicated by the presence of shelves with low pressure of hydraulic fracturing.


OOO Element

The company is engaged in designing of the industrial and civil construction facilities.


OOO Chulymles

The company is engaged in severing, processing and shipment of timber.


OOO Tomlesdrev

The company produces wood chipboard and laminated chipboard.

OOO Sibirskoe Zdorovie 2000

The company produces  hematogen.


The company produces the products based on the complex processing of wild and garden berries, and pine nuts.

GC Tomsk instrument

The company offers designing, manufacturing and selling of a wide range of metal-cutting and wood-cutting tools for all industries.


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