Export Oriented Companies

Information for investors, foreign and Russian businessmen, business support organizations that are interested in establishing business contacts with Tomsk businessmen.

Limited Liability Company «TomskSoft» («TomskSoft» Ltd.)

Company is engaged in software development – from engineering to maintenance.

Limited Liability Company «Tomsk Rubber Footwear Factory» («TRFF» Ltd.)

Factory produces footwear for workers and people as protection from bad weather and unfavorable working conditions.

«FRANCIS medical» Ltd.

Core business-development, production, sales and service of medical equipment.

Limited Liability Company «Ecoclimate» («Ecoclimate» Ltd.)

Company organizes cost optimization for heating, hot water supply and conditioning for different project sites.

Limited Liability Company «Electric Power Equipment» («ELSIT» Ltd.)

The company develops and produces advanced HFC (high-frequency current) equipment (induction heating systems) for various industrial branches of industry.

Closed Joint-Stock Company «Elecard Devices» (CJSC «Elecard Devices»)

World leading company in multimedia data high-grade compression technology and products for multimedia data encoding, decoding, processing, transfer and reception.

Limited Liability Company «Electropulse»

Development and production of medical equipment for electrosurgery, cardiology and electrophysiology.

Closed Joint-Stock Company «EleSy» (CJSC «EleSy»)

Company is leading Russian systems integrator (SI); market leader in production of various industrial automation components, SCADA, and control systems. Competence – development of concept designs, software engineering and development, equipment production.

«Elcomplus» Ltd.

Company  develops in SCADA and communication solutions design and system integration.

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