Limited Liability Company «Ferment» «Desant Zdorovya» Company

Company Description

"Ferment" Ltd. – exclusive license owner of patent №2116035.

Patent License includes all probiotic frozen products in the Russian Federation.

Product – Bio-Ice Cream "Desant zdorovya", prepared at "FOG Firm" Ltd. in accordance to contract. Delivery to all regions of Customs Union.

Output Product Description

Probiotic "Bio-Ice Cream "Desant Zdorovya"

• innovative dietic (medioprophylactic) product, containing not less than 106 ufc*/g bifidumbacteria;

• most effective probiotic food on the dairy food market;

• produced in accordance to unique technology, expertise by Nutrition Research Institute of Russian Academy of Medical Sciences;

• no analogs in the Russian Federation;

• Bio ice cream patent in Russian Federation and EU nations;

• February 2012, International Exhibition "Prodexpo-2012", received Grand prize as "Best Innovation Product".


28 Gagarin St.,
634050 Tomsk, Russia
Phone/fax (3822) 62-16-14, 62-17-09
Directory inquiries: 8-800-100-1335

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