«Elcomplus» Ltd.

Company Description

"Elcomplus" Company has more than 17 years of experience in SCADA and communication solutions design and system integration.

Company business line:

  •  SCADA and industrial communication solutions design;
  •  SCADA and industrial communication system integration;
  •  Communication software development.

Elcomplus geographic reach is constantly expanding.

Systems based on Elcomplus software are implemented in more than 30 countries of Europe, Asia, Africa, North and South America.

In 2011 Elcomplus was recognized as the "Exporter of the Year", Tomsk Region.

Output Product Description

SmartPTT is a software application which facilitates the construction of a complex digital dispatching system. Systems based on SmartPTT software are implemented in Russia, CIS countries and overseas in manufacturing enterprises, public safety, fuels extraction, transportation, and refinery.

Radius-IP is a turnkey solution for building full functional digital radio dispatcher systems.

"ELTA-ТМ" is a line telemechanics system which is widely used for oil pipe lines and gas pipe lines in Western and Eastern Siberia.


130a Frunze Prospect,
634021 Tomsk, Russia
Phone/Fax (3822) 52-25-11
E-mail: tomsk@elcomplus.ru

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