Closed Joint-Stock Company «Elecard Devices» (CJSC «Elecard Devices»)

Company Description

"Elecard Devices" – daughter company of "Elecard" Co. established in 1988;

World leading company in multimedia data high-grade compression technology and products for multimedia data encoding, decoding, processing, transfer and reception;

First producer of video codecs up-graded compression standard H.264/ AVC;

Company's MPEG-2 decoder – one of the best in the world.

Company's headquarters is in Tomsk, Russia, representative offices in the USA and Vietnam.

Output Product Description

"Elecard Devices" has a basic engineering design (reference design) for digital television data-flow broadcasting market, transcoding, video-on-demand servers, software and software development kit (SDK);

Set-top boxes and user software for everyday customers.

Application area: solutions for space observing systems, terrestrial, closed circuit and satellite TV broadcasting systems, security systems, videos for mobile phones and home media centers.


3 Razvitiya Prospect,
634055 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 701–772, (3822) 701–772

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