Limited Liability Company «Electropulse»

Company Description

Development and production of medical equipment for electrosurgery, cardiology and electrophysiology.

Output Product Description

• Mobile diagnostic and treatment system "ELKART-M" – multifunctional electrophysiological system for heart endocardium treatment;

• Diagnostic and treatment system "ELKART-CPS" – for conducting of noninvasive heart tests;

• Universal electric Cardiac Pacemaker "Sobol" – easy application and inexpensive electric cardiac pacemaker for transesophageal and endocardial cardiac stimulation;

• Radio-frequency electrosurgical device "S-350RC" – wide choice of cutting modes with controllable hemostasis; more than 20 modes of contact coagulation, noncontact coagulation (spray), etc.


8/8 Akademichesky Prospect
634055 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 701–380, 701–378

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