Closed Joint-Stock Company «EleSy» (CJSC «EleSy»)

Company Description

"EleSy" – leading Russian systems integrator (SI); market leader in production of various industrial automation components, SCADA, and control systems;

Solution provider for Petroleum sector; Company's competitive advantage – successful experience in development and implementation of industrial automation and tele-automation projects throughout the country;

Competence – development of concept designs, software engineering and development, equipment production;

Contractor functions;

Packaged delivery of automation equipment, its installation and start-up operations, personnel training, outsourcing.

Output Product Description

Automation, tele-automation, automated fire extinguishing, fire and security alarm and safety systems, automated electric power meter systems.

Production and supply-delivery of industrial automation systems.

All authorization documents are provided to products.

Contract production of electronics and metal products.

Production and supply-delivery of block-containers (diesel power stations, destructive agents, unitized transformer substations, control and monitoring stations, communication relays).

Customer design.

Complete factory-assembled, high-voltage testing, pre-commissioning.


161A Altayskaya St.,
634021 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 601–000
Fax (3822) 601–001

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