Company Description

Research and production company "ADVANCED POWDER TECHNOLOGIES" Ltd. has been on the world nanopowder market since 1998.

Company has equipped production facilities to implement complete production cycle – from raw material sources to end products packaging in compliance with International Standards "Hazardous Goods Regulations".

In 2002, according to estimates published in American "R&D Magazine", domestic nanopowders ranked among 100 best high technology products introduced in the USA market.

In August, 2009 Company received Bronze Medal, IX Moscow International Exhibition of Innovations and Investments.

Output Product Description

Exploding wire method is applied in metal nanopowder production.

Exploding wire method – progressive method to produce a wide range of inorganic material nanopowders with high chemical reactivity and based on impulse processes.

Nanopowder passivation is applied to transform a metal's surface into the passive state.

Complete production process without close-spaced harmful chemical substances and minimum inert gas flow rate.


8/2 Academichesky Prospect
634055 Tomsk, Russia
Phone/Fax (3822) 28-68-72

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