Closed Joint-Stock Company Research-Production Association «NIKOR»

Company Description

Company products include:

- control multichannel recorders "MIRROR";

- integrated operations control 112;

- medical equipment (electric lancets-coagulators).

Output Product Description

• Integrated operations control (IOC) 112 – on-line service automation to incorporate into consolidated information area, to coordinate operations, to increase emergency response mobility and monitoring provision;

• Control multichannel recorders "MIRROR" – negotiation documentation; remote personnel monitoring; acoustic room control;

• Electric lancets-coagulators (HFES*- 400, HFES*-80) – for surgical operations (in all areas of surgery);

• List of electrodes products include more than 500 items – for surgery options arrangements.

*High-frequency electro-surgery


2nd Poselok — 111, Tomsk
Forestry Enterprises 634024 Tomsk,
Tomsk Region, Russia
Phone (3822) 739–407, (3822) 739- 408, (3822) 739–406

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