Closed Joint-Stock Company Research and Production Enterprise «Polymer-Compound» (CJSC R&PE «Polymer-Compound»)

Company Description

Since 1995 CJSC R&PE "Polymer- Compound" has been developing and producing modern polymer composite materials for cable, petroleum, construction, automotive, electrical engineering and mining industries.

Company's policy – import substitution of special polymer materials throughout Russia and export to former Soviet Union states.

Future project plan – new sales market.

We hope that you will find CJSC R&PE "Polymer-Compound" a reliable partner.

Output Product Description

• isolation materials for oil cable insulation;

• low-flammable, low-smoke, low-toxic materials;

• dynamic vulcanized thermo-elastoplastic rubber;

• silane-crosslinking polyethylene composites;

• adhesive active materials and protection coating for pipelines;

• electro-conductive materials;

• electro-conductive pipes for explosive works;

• PVC-based thermo-elastoplastic rubber;

• high-filled polymer materials;

• Polyethylene & polypropylene-based concentrates of carbon and oxidation inhibitors.


8 Vysotsky St.,
634040 Tomsk, Russia
Phone/Fax (3822) 64-53-19, 64-43-48

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