Limited Liability Company Science and Technology Corporation «Priborservice» (STC «Priborservice» Ltd.)

Company Description

STC "Priborservice" Ltd. was established in April, 1989.

Company ran business from 1989 to 1996.

In 1996 it began production activities:

  • development and production of equipment for ecological works;
  • development of new technologies for biological recultivation of oil-contaminated soil by using natural aluminum silicates;
  • development of procedures and projects, related to technical and biological recultivation;
  • treatment of oil-contaminated territories.

During 1997-2011 more than 4 million m2 of oil-contaminated territories were cleaned in various regions of the country.

Output Product Description

  • biological technology of oil-contaminated soil recultivation (bioremediation), developed and introduced by the STC "Priborservice" Ltd.;
  • portable module of oil-contaminated soil clean-up and complete water filtration to refine oil sludges (slurries) and oil-contaminated soils.
  • СМВ-021ГФ – a self-powered compact off-road vehicle with a drilling system, designed for recultivation works in marshlands.


70 Komsomolsky Prospect,
634041 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 56-10-81
Fax (3822) 56-18-23

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