Limited Liability Company «Rubius Group» («Rubius Group» Ltd.)

Company Description

"Rubius Group" Ltd. – within Rubius Group of Companies;

Group of Companies was organized in 2008;

In a few years, became an enterprise with a recognizable brand, famous in the markets of Russia and foreign countries.

At present the number of its cooperators is up to 30;

Sales double every year, providing a stable company development.

Company mission:

  •  developing only high-quality technology decisions;
  •  constantly improving and maintaining the leading position in information processing technology sphere;
  •  providing clients with effective business tools.

Output Product Description

  •  RubiusElectricSuite: power transmission line 0.4-10 kV – programming module for projecting overhead transmission lines with voltage of 0.4-10 kV under project;
  •  RubiusElectricSuite: МZ – programming module for projecting lightning protection systems.


3/1 Fedor Lytkin St., office 463
634045 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 977–772

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