Closed Joint-Stock Company «Sector-M» (CJSC «Sector-M»)

Company Description

  •  "Sector-M" was established in 1995;
  •  one of the Russian producers in manometer (pressure) gage;
  •  constantly increasing product output, guaranteeing optimal service for its customers;
  •  wide range of goods, including all major national economy sectors;
  • constant gage modifications and improvement of quality and reliability for clients with professional and individual-based service and support.

Output Product Description

For more than16 years on market:

  •   Vibration-resistant pressure gauges – DM (DA, DV) 8008V (100 mm), DM (DA, DV) 8032V ( 60 mm);
  •   Corrosion-resistant pressure gauges – DM (DA, DV) 8009Ks;
  •   Industrial pressure gauges 250 mm – DM (DA, DV) 8010;
  •   Pressure indicators – FG 1007.

"Sector-M" – the official representative and dealer of Open Joint Stock Company "Manotom";

"Manotom" products at manufacturer's price;

Motto "Work quickly, efficiently and save money and time".


62 Komsomolsky Prospect,
634061 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 44-06-06
Fax (3822) 26-12-52
E-мail: seс

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