Limited Liability Company Research and Production Association «Siberian Machnostroitel» («SibMach» Ltd.)

Company Description

"SibMach" Ltd. produces advanced high-technology equipment, which is highly competitive with the analog products of world's leading manufacturers;

Company's motto – to work with each client individually and satisfy their specific needs;

All obligations and agreements are performed in deadline;

Company guarantees product quality;

Control and maintenance throughout all contract stages – packaged delivery, installation and start-up operations, guarantee and post-guarantee service.

Output Product Description

Development and mass production of the following items:

  •  electric drives for pipeline valves with electromechanical and electronic control systems - models "GUSAR" and "TOMPRIN".
  •   "TYPHOON" devices for bottom sediments wash-out, prevention of their formation and liquid homogenization in storage tanks.
  •  firefighting equipment for subsurface fire suppression systems in storage tanks containing high- inflammable fluids, and combined devices for fire extinguishing systems.


33 Vysotsky St., Building 1
634040 Tomsk, Tomsk Region, Russia
Phone/Fax (3822) 633–852,
(3822) 633–818

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