OOO NPP SibSpetsProject

The company develops and manufactures electronic protection and automation devices for electric motors and other electrical installations, as well as means and systems of the process automation.

 About the product:

• MD series motor monitor;

• RTZE series electric motor current protection relay;

• RKZM control and protection relay;

• EKRM series breaker electronic controllers;

• KSKN series pumping units controllers;

• RSZ self-triggering relay;

• RPP restarting relay;

• system of protection and monitoring the objects of various configurations;

• additional means to connect devices to computer networks and a number of others.

Instruments used in oil and gas production, refining, mining, chemical, metallurgical, food, timber processing and other industries.

Contact information:

98 Sovetskaya str.,  room 29, Tomsk, 634034

Phone/Fax: +7 (3822) 42-61-35




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