Limited Liability Company «Technoanalyt» («Technoanalyt» Ltd.)

Company Description

"Technoanalyt" Ltd. endeavors to maintain its leading position in voltammetric instrument engineering and electroanalytical chemistry;

Core activities include developments in construction technologies and corrosion monitoring of oil & gas pipelines;

Financed by Foundation for Assistance to Small Innovative Enterprises (FASIE) and "Gazprom"Ltd.;

Development of electrolyte-free reference electrode, devices for diagnostics and optimization of electrochemical protection parameters, differential microcalorimeter to study of heat emissions.

Output Product Description

Main products include:

TA-voltammetric analyzers and package (methods, program, electrodes, supplies) to determine organic and nonorganic impurities in food, drinking, natural and sewage waters etc. and for sampling analysis;

High analytical and operational characteristics of the TA-series analyzers due to indicator electrode UV irradiation, ozoning and resonant vibration, simultaneous analysis of three samples, programs of analytical automated signal processing.


70/1 Moskovsky Tract, 54,
634028 Tomsk, Russia
Trading address:
43а Lenin Prospect, 041B
634034 Tomsk, Russia
Posting address:
634028, Tomsk-28, p/o box 4470
Phone/Fax (3822) 564–196

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