OOO TD Krasota-SM

The company produces fruit and berry products with the use of innovative technologies, the production of dietary food.

About the product:

In the framework of the National Program "Healthy Eating is the Health of Nation" the following high quality products are produced:

• Berry juices of direct extraction (glass bottle 0.25 l.);

• Nectar "Silver Series" on the basis of direct extraction of juice (Glass bottle 0.75 l.). They contain large amounts of vitamins, natural pectin, and recommended not only for adults but also for children from the age of three;

• Preserve, marmalade and jams are low-calorie, diet, made of fruits and berries and wild Siberian berries. Range of flavors is achieved due to the content of whole berries and fruit pieces. Products are packed in glass jars of 0.25 liter and plastic buckets.

• The confitures with berries and fruit pieces;

• Compound-fillers for ice cream, yogurt, curd snacks and bakery products.

Contact information:

17, Mira str., ap.1, settlement of Bogashevo,

Tomsk district, Tomsk region, Russia, 634570

Phone: +7 (3822) 63-15-50, Phone/Fax: +7 (3822) 63-16-97

E-mail: Web-site:


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