Limited Liability Company «VIP Electronics» («VIP EL» Ltd.)

Company Description

"VIP Electronics" Ltd. develops and produces intelligent (smart) power electronic devices.

Core activities include:

- design and production of power supply units;

- industrial automation;

- design of measurement and testing stands (facilities);

- modernization of out-dated equipment;

- design and production of laboratory facilities (training simulators) for students in radio- and electro-technical universities;

- professional training of microcontroller and microprocessor software engineers.

Output Product Description

• hand-operated coiling device for inductor coil, transformers, etc.;

• coils of various sizes and shapes;

• enameled wire-stripping device "Zetta" stripping small-diameter enameled wire ends in the production of coils, transformers, motors, inductors, etc.


74 Vershinin St., 236,
634034 Tomsk, Russia
Phone (3822) 221–327

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