Business development fund

The Enterprise Development Fund was established by the Order of the Tomsk Oblast Administration dated 28.11.2011 #1207-ra. The Fund is integrated into the business development infrastructure of Tomsk Oblast and has the status of a regional business development center.

Main functions

The Enterprise Development Fund is a regional operator of the Industrial Development Fund. The Fund's specialists can provide comprehensive information on the programs of financing preferential loans from the Production Development Fund, as well as to conduct a primary analysis of business projects and help assess the degree of compliance of the borrower's project with the criteria of the specific program of the PDF (Production Development Fund).

For the realization of new industrial projects, the PDF provides earmarked loans at an interest rate of 1%, 3% and 5% for a period of up to 7 years in a total amount of 5 to 750 million rubles, thus promoting the direct flow of investment into the real sector of the economy.

The fund provides consultation services on the following issues:


financial planning

marketing support of the activity of the small and medium-sized business

law enforcement of the activity of the small and medium-sized business

informational support of the activity

application of labor law and personnel management

acquisition of financial and loan resources


The fund organizes and runs training events


Tomsk, Moscovskiy tract, bld 12, 3rd floor


Phone: 8(3822) 901-00

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