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Investment (industrial) zones are land plots owned by Tomsk Region and/or municipal entities of Tomsk Region with all types of buildings and structures – unfinished and commissioned – and infrastructure facilities located on them.

The investment zones on the list were selected from a range of land plots owned by Tomsk Region and/or municipal entities of Tomsk Region based on the availability of utilities, transport infrastructure, and legal status.

One of the investment-attractive sites of Tomsk region is an industrial territory created within the framework of an investment project "Creation of a timber industrial industrial park in Asino city". The project is being implemented within the framework of the Russian-Chinese intergovernmental agreement on joint cooperation on the development of forest resources, signed in 2000.

 Authorized organizations for the implementation of the project are ZAO Roskitinvest and OOO Henda-Sibir. The general investor of the project is the Chinese corporation AVIC International Holding Corporation in the person of the subsidiary structure AVIC-Forestry.

Industrial timber processing park in Asino is a private industrial park with the total area of 305 ha, and a complex of auxiliary structures that support the operations and the infrastructure of the park. These allow to close-together arrangement of small and medium timber processing production facilities.

 The Asino industrial timber processing park consists of two sites:

1) Site № 1 (brownfield). Total area 95.5 ha, designed for timber processing – produces lumber, veneer sheets, plywood, wood fiberboards;
2) Site № 2 (greenfield). Total area 209.5 ha, designed for manufacturing of items out of timber-based materials – joinery products, construction materials, etc.

 Advantages of the Asino industrial timber processing park:

- Small and medium business entities may by tender  rent a complex of facilities to deploy their timber processing enterprise;
- Residents are provided with resource base and utilities required for deep processing of timber;
- Follow-up support for residents’ projects, etc.


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Investment zones

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