Specialized Organization for Attraction of Investments Fond "TomskInvestService"

Fond TomskInvestService is one of instruments of social and economic development of Tomsk region, assistance in realization of investment projects, attraction of investments into the region.

Fond "TomskInvestService" was  established on October 19, 2016 for comprehensive support of investment projects, assistance in forming a positive investment image and investment attractiveness of Tomsk region, developing international strategic partnerships in the field of economy, science and technology, education and other areas.

Until September 2017, functions of a specialized organization were entrusted to AO "Development Corporation of Tomsk Region".

Functions of Fond "TomskInvestService" are following:
• individual support of investment projects in the territory of the region;
• ensuring creation of modern engineering infrastructure for development of economy and social sphere of the region, effective management of  created infrastructure complex;
• creation and development of system industrial, technological and business parks in the region territory;
• promotion of investment opportunities and projects of the region in Russia and abroad;
• cooperation with investment and venture funds, special financial organizations, institutes of development;
• assistance in the establishment of project teams to support investment project implementation in the region within the “one window”.

Since March 19, 2015 in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, in China there is a representative office of a specialized organization for attracting investments and working with investors in Tomsk region (hereinafter referred to as the Representative Office). Representative Office was established with the aim of increasing trade and economic contacts and enhancing the scientific and technical cooperation of Tomsk region and China.

Main functions of Representative Office:

• formation of a database of potential participants in foreign economic activity, international scientific and technical cooperation both from Tomsk region and from China;
 attraction of investments for purpose of realizing projects in Tomsk region and other regions of Russian Federation in coordination with Fond TomskInvestService;
 search for possible areas of cooperation of companies, research and educational institutions of the Tomsk region with the Chinese side and other possible ways of bilateral cooperation;
research and analytical work, including: research of the Chinese market, investment attractiveness of some industries of China;
• assistance in organizing the participation of Tomsk companies in exhibition and fair activities in China;
• organization of negotiations during business meetings with representatives of the Chinese side;
• information and consulting support of Russian companies that expressed their desire to cooperate with China; 
• formation of proposals for cooperation, assistance in drafting documents;
• assistance to the Russian-Chinese cooperation until the signing of Memorandum of Intent.


Andrey Khvashchevskiy 
Director of the Fond "TomskInvestService"

Evgeniy Benderskiy
Deputy Director for Development of the Fond "TomskInvestService"

Address: 12, Trifonova st., Tomsk, Russia, 634050
Phone: +7 (382 2) 609-978, +7 800 200 7446
E-mail: TomskIS@inbox.ru  

Maxim Shvedov 
Representative of the Fond "TomskInvestService" in China

Phone: +86 25 8548 5983
Sot (Rus): +79627867688
Sot (Kit): +8613640218960
E-mail: maxshvedov@outlook.com
Skype: max.shvedov


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