Priority Social and Economic Development Area Seversk

Priority Social and Economic Development Area Seversk (PSEDA) was created on 12 February 2019 to be used for the duration of the next 70 years.

PSEDA – is part of the territory of Closed Administrative-Territorial Unit Seversk, which, according to the government of the Russian Federation, was awarded the special legal status for doing entrepreneurial and other activities with the purpose of forming favorable conditions in the hope of attracting investments and improving quality life of the surrounding population.

 10 sites (land lots) have been set aside for creating new processing units in PSEDA Seversk - residents will have a total area of 135 hectares with ready-to-use infrastructure and power.

While processing an application for receiving residential status the primary focus is on projects of small and medium-sized business, innovation companies, enterprises of processing industry, as well as projects for import substitution.

Permitted activities:

food production;

wood processing and production of goods from wood and cork, except furniture, production of items from straw and materials for wickerwork;

production of chemical materials and products;

production of medicine and medicinal materials;

production of rubber and plastic goods;

production of other non-metallic mineral goods;

metallurgical production;

production of finished metal goods, except machines and equipment;

production of computers, electronic components and optic goods;

production of electric equipment;

production of machines and equipment, not included in other categories;

production of motor vehicles, trailers and semi trailers;

production of other vehicles and equipment;

collecting, processing and disposal of waste, recycling of secondary raw materials;

provision of services in the area of clean-up and other services, connected with waste handling;

software development, consulting in this area and other related services;

activity in the area of information technologies;

scientific research and development.

In order to receive resident status, it is necessary to meet the following requirements:

-          conformation of the investment project to the permitted types of economic activity;

-          minimal volume of capital contribution into the investment project must amount to no less than 10 mln. rubles in 3 years since being included into the registry of residents of PSEDA Seversk;

-          registering as a legal entity, individual entrepreneur and operating within the borders of PSEDA Seversk.

The functions of managing the PSEDA are carried out by the managing company AO Atom-TOR.  For acquiring resident status, it is necessary to make an agreement with AO Atom-TOR on carrying out activities.



636039, Tomsk Region, Seversk city, Kommunistichesky prospect, building 8, office 225

Executive director OOO Atom-TOR-Seversk Galata Andrey Alexandrovich

Phone: +7 (3823) 78-78-15, fax: +79138221020



Benefits and preferences


1. Tax breaks:

  •  income tax – 5-10%;
  •  property tax for organizations – 0-1.1%;
  •  simplified tax system “income – expenses” – 5%;
  •  contributions into social funds – 7.6% for 10 years from receiving resident status;

2. Preferential rent of land lots and real estate objects.
3. Simplified procedures of paperwork for construction.
4. Simplified procedures of government and municipal control.
5. “One window” system when receiving government services.
6. Duty-free zone regime established by the law of the Eurasian Economic Union.

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