Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type

Technology development special economic zone (TDSEZ)

TDSEZ was created in Tomsk city on 21 December 2005 for the term of 49 years.

TDSEZ – is an investment platform with favorable conditions for doing investment business and commercialization of high technology inventions.

In TDSEZ there are special regulations for doing entrepreneurial business, which guarantee tax breaks and customs privileges and preferences to the residents.


The territory of TDSEZ includes two platforms with the total area of 270 hectares:

Southern (near Akademgorodok) – 192.4 hectares

Northern (Kuzovlevo highway) – 76.6. hectares

Business infrastructure:

  • Innovations and technologies center;
  • Engineering center;
  • Innovative center;
  • Expo center;
  • Engineering center.

Social infrastructure:

  • sports center;
  • kindergarten;
  • cafes, cafeterias.

Priority directions of the residents’ activity:

  • information technologies and electronics;
  • medicine and biotechnologies;
  • nanotechnologies and advanced materials;
  • resource-saving technologies.

Residents of TDSEZ can be legal entities and individual entrepreneurs:

- registered on the territory of municipal entity, where the TDSEZ is located;

- carrying out technology development activities and production of technological solutions.

Managing company of TDSEZ – AO TDSEZ Tomsk.


Adress: 634055, Tomsk, Akademicheskiy prospect, building 8/8

General director Kaminsky Konstantin Valerievich

Phone +7 (3822) 488-650, fax +7 (3822) 488-665


Residents’ relations office Matiskin Dennis Victorovich

Phone +7 (3822) 488-655


Benefits and advantages

1. Tax breaks:

-          Income tax – 7-14.5%;
-          Simplified tax system “income – expenses” – 5%;
-          Property tax – 0% within 10 years from the next month, after the registration of property;
-          Motor vehicle tax – 0% for 10 years from the moment of registration of motor vehicles on the books;
-          Land tax – 0% for 5 years starting from the month in which the emergence of title occurred;
-          Contributions to non-budgetary funds – 7.6% for IT companies;

2. Convenient mechanism of renting offices and laboratory premises.
3. Transport accessibility.
4. Construction ready land lots.
5. Possibility of buying out the land lot after clearing the facility for operation.
6. Engineering infrastructure (electricity, gas, water, communication networks).
7. Simplified procedures of construction paperwork.
8. Duty-free zone regime.


Yelena Vladimirovna Zaytseva

CEO assistant for public relations JSC Special technology development economic zone “Tomsk”.

Phone: +7 (3822) 488660

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