Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type

Presentation of Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovation Type

Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovation Type is defined by Federal Law N 116-FZ dated July 22, 2005 as a part of the Russian Federation territory, where the special business regime is implemented. For residents – high-tech companies – unique business environment is created for active development of innovation business, sci-tech production and commercialization of the products in inland and foreign markets.

Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovation Type (Tomsk SEZ) was established under the RF Government Decree No.783 dated December 21, 2005 after Tomsk region had won the federal contest among the RF entities where special economic zones of technical innovation type would be created. There are 5 SEZs of such type in Russia. In addition to Tomsk, St. Petersburg, Moscow (Zelenograd administrative district), Moscow Region (Dubna), the Republic of Tatarstan (the territory of Verkhneuslonsky and Laishevsky Districts) are on the list.  

The main stages of the project implementation are stipulated in the Agreement on Establishing a Special Economic Zone of Technical and Innovation Type in Tomsk dated January 18, 2006, concluded among the RF Government, Tomsk region Administration and Tomsk City Administration. Tomsk SEZ is located within Tomsk City and is split into two sites: No. 1 (Southern Site) and No.2 (Nothern Site).

Southern Site  (192.4 ha) is located in the eastern part of Tomsk, near Tomsk Scientific Center of the Siberian Branch of the Russian Academy of Sciences (TNC SO RAN).  

Nothern Site (76,6 ha) is located in the northern part of Tomsk and is adjacent to OOO Tomskneftekhim, a large industrial unit with a great potential for development and implementation of science driven innovation-oriented industries.  

SEZ can be accessed by the internal transport network of Tomsk (remoteness of the area from the city center is estimated at 10-15 minutes of drive). Functioning airport is located 18 km away from the city. Tomsk airport was awarded international status in 2014.

The priority areas of focus for research and development activity in the territory of Tomsk SEZ:

  • Nanotechnologies and new materials:
    • development of functional and construction nanomaterials;
    • metal nanopowders and submicron micropowders of inorganic compounds;
    • nanofibras of inorganic compounds;
    • development of nanobiotechnology;
    • development of nanoengineering and nanosystem machinery, etc.
  • Biotechnologies and medicine:
    • medical biotechnologies;
    • production of diagnostics based on gene engineering;
    • biologically active substances and drug substances;
    • industrial biotechnologies;
    • agricultural biotechnologies;
    • development of medical devices, etc.
  • Information and communication technologies and electronics:
    • development and experimental production of firmware for organization of digital television;
    • development of radio-technical systems;
    • development of quantum electronics devices;
    • development of power and high-current electronic devices;
    • software development;
    • development and application of software and hardware systems for the automation of technological processes, etc.
  • Resource-saving technologies.

In accordance with Clause 10 of RF Federal Law N 116-FZ dated July 22, 2005, regulating the SEZs functioning in Russia, “… technical and innovation activity shall mean creation, manufacture and sale of high-tech products; creation and sale of software for computers, data bases, integrated circuit topographies, information systems; services to implement and maintain such products, software, bases, topologies, and systems. Production of sci-tech products within a special economic zone of technical innovation type shall be approved by resolution of the Expert Council for Special Economic Zones of Technical and Innovation Type based on priority development areas in science and technology, and the List of Critical Technologies of the Russian Federation approved by the Government of the Russian Federation”.

In Tomsk SEZ the following is not permitted:

  • development of mineral deposits, mining operations, excluding development of mineral water deposits, peloids and other natural medicinal resources, their recovery and metallurgical production except for production of other products from ferrous metals left out from other groups, production of semi-processed aluminum or aluminum alloys, production of castings in accordance with the Russian Classifier of Economic Activities;
  • processing of minerals, excluding industrial bottling of mineral waters, other uses of natural medicine resources, and reprocessing of iron and nonferrous scrap;
  • production and processing of excisable goods (excluding automobiles and motorbikes).

SEZs management  

Management company SEZ AO Special Economic Zone of technical and Innovative Type “Tomsk”


Konstantin Kaminsky
General Director of  management company SEZ AO Special Economic Zone of technical and Innovative Type “Tomsk”

Address: 8/8 Akademicheskiy Prospekt, Tomsk 634021
Phone:  +7(3822) 701-400
fax: +7(3822) 701-445


Yelena Vladimirovna Zaytseva

CEO assistant for public relations JSC Special technology development economic zone “Tomsk”.

Phone: +7 (3822) 488660

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