Other legal documents in the sphere of investment activity

Last edition 17.09.2014

The Tomsk Region Governor Order №229-р of 17.09.2014

On Approval of the Action Plan (Roadmap) "Improvement of the Tomsk Region Position in the National Rating of Investment Climate in the RF regions for 2015-2017"

Last edition 17.12.2012

The Tomsk Oblast Law No. 234-ОЗ of 17.12.2012

On Public-Private Partnership in the Tomsk Region

Last edition 16.12.2011

The Tomsk Region Administration Resolution №172a of 14.06.2011

On Approval of the Regional Program "Improvment of the Investment Climate in the Tomsk Region in 2011-2014

Last edition 24.11.2009

Tomsk Region Law № 148-ОЗ of 27.11.2003

«On organizations' property tax»

Last edition 02.11.2009

Tomsk Region Law № 77-ОЗ of 04.10.2002

«On transport tax»

Last edition 02.11.2009

Tomsk Region Law № 30-ОЗ of 13.03.2006

«On providing profit tax allowance to residents of a Special Technical-Innovation-Type Economic Zone»

Last edition 02.11.2009

The Tomsk Region Law No. 51-ОЗ of 07.04.2009

On Tax Rates for the Unified Tax levied as per the Simplified Tax System in the Tomsk Region

Last edition 16.01.2008

Tomsk Region Governor's Order № 7-р of 16.01.2008

«On making the Tomsk Region inventory of investment proposals and projects»

Last edition 16.10.2007

Tomsk Region Governor's Resolution № 140 of 16.10.2007

«On procedure for making and maintaining the register of the Tomsk Region investment projects»

Last edition 27.06.2005

The Tomsk Region Administration Order №150-рa of 27.06.2005

On Approval of the Large Investment Projects in the Tomsk Region

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