The Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the state of Penang (Malaysia) has arrived on a visit to the Tomsk region


On April 20-22, the Honorary Consul of the Russian Federation in the state of Penang (Malaysia) and the director of the company "Russian resources" Teo Seng Lee is working in Tomsk.
Teo Seng Lee for more than twenty years has been engaged in attracting the Malaysian and in recent years the Indonesian students to the Russian universities. Let's recall that in January the representatives of the regional administration, TSU and TPU participated in a series of major educational events in Malaysia and Indonesia.
"Mr. Theo arrived in Tomsk in order to continue cooperation in attracting Malaysian and Indonesian students to TSU and TPU and assess the conditions created for studying and living of foreign students in Tomsk. In the course of the visit, he will also get familiar with the educational opportunities of other Tomsk universities", - they reported in the regional department of international and regional relations.
As it was clarified in the department, the Russian higher education is of interest for the young people from the countries of South-East Asia due to the optimal "price-quality" ratio. Tuition fees in higher educational institutions of these countries are very high, so many parents prefer to teach their children abroad.

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