Tomsk will become a platform of the international project "City-Miasto-Stadt»


The International Russian-Polish-German seminar on the "City-Miasto-Stadt" project, devoted to the issues of changing the city environment will be held in Tomsk from 12 to 19 of September 2015.
The "City-Miasto-Stadt" project is organized by the center for inter-ethnic cooperation "EtnoSibir", the Regional Centre of the German language and culture of the TPU, the program of non-formal civic education "From Idea to Action". The project involves the research of the urban processes, as well as the work in the areas such as "Personality and the city symbol", "What does it mean to live in the city", "The City and the consumption" and "Creative urban space". The participants of the "City-Miasto-Stadt" will get acquainted with the Tomsk city activists and experts in the field of urbanism and urban changes. The city of Tomsk is selected to be the base platform of the project activities. The project consists of four phases.
The Russian participants’ team includes two natives of Tomsk: the starting architect Alina Gibadulina and psychologist Leila Shakurov. They have got actively involved in the preparation of the international meeting, and now are developing interesting hiking trails and the city sightseeing tours for the European participants, as well as planning the implementation of their own projects in the urban space at the international level.
In July, within the framework of the first phase of the Project the first seminars on urban planning and working with the urban space were held in Novosibirsk, Olsztyn and Düsseldorf for the Russian, Polish and German participants. The program of the seminars included the lectures by historians, architects, and urban activists, excursions to the most non-tourism districts with rich and hidden from the eyes history. The participants studied the phenomenon of gentrification, the urban formation processes, as well as got acquainted with the local creative and civic activists. After the end of the seminar the participants received a small homework - to study their native cities. The results of these studies will be presented by them at the international Russian-Polish-German seminar, which will take place in the second phase of the Project in Tomsk.

Source: NIA-Tomsk
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