Governor likened INOTomsk 2020 to Trans-Siberian Railway in the 19th century


The project for creation of a federal center for education, research and development in Tomsk (INOTomsk 2020) will diversify and boost the economy of Tomsk Region, Governor Viktor Kress believes.

"We all together must do our best to turn this concept into a really working model of innovative development which will bring tangible results for the Region," the Governor said on Friday in his address to people. He stressed that the INOTomsk 2020 project will enable the Region to create a number of innovation clusters in areas such as information and communication technology, petroleum chemistry, nuclear technology, wood processing industry, medicine, and nanotechnology. "The number of innovative firms by 2020 should increase from today's 450 to 1,000 and more. And the share of innovative products in the Russian GDP should grow from 15% to 50%." Viktor Kress believes that the scale and importance of the INOTomsk 2020 project are commensurate with those of the Trans-Siberian Railway in the 19th century.

Source: Interfax
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