First LTE video call using domestic equipment to connect Tomsk and Moscow


On December 1, the Tomsk Special Economic Zone of Technical Innovation Type will host an official opening of the first Russian plant for the manufacture of multi-radio GSM/UTRAN/LTE equipment. The plant was built under a joint venture agreement between Nokia Siemens Networks and Micran Research and Manufacturing Company.

The opening ceremony will take place in two locations at a time – in Moscow and in Tomsk where the plant is located. It will feature a unique event for Russia – a video call between Tomsk and Moscow using domestic-manufactured LTE equipment.

Invitees to the ceremony include Oleg Savelyev, Deputy Minister for Economic Development of Russia; Viktor Kress, Tomsk Region Governor; Herbert Merz, Vice President of Nokia Siemens Networks; Joe Doering, Nokia Siemens Networks Manager in Northern and Eastern Europe, Russia, Turkey, and Middle Asia; Kristina Tikhonova, Nokia Siemens Networks CEO in Russia; and Viktor Gunter, General Director of Micran.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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