Over 460 million rubles invested in restoration of production facilities at the former Asino Wood Processing Complex


Over 460 million rubles was invested in the development of wood harvesting and processing capacities at the former Asino Wood Processing Complex when AVIC Forestry owned by China's AVIC International joined the project as a principal investor.

Currently, construction of a 110,000 cbm veneer plant is well under way. AVIC Forestry already invested approx. 389 million rubles in the construction of the building, associated structures, and equipment. When the plant is commissioned in June 2012, additional 100 million rubles will have been invested in the facility.

Current investment in the construction of a 250,000 cbm sawmill totals 71 million rubles. Additionally, 73 million rubles will be spent before the sawmill is commissioned in June 2012.

In August 2011 AVIC Forestry concluded a 120 million rubles harvesting equipment supply contract with Finland's Ponsse. First two deliveries (a harvester and a forwarder) are already in Asino. A 135 million rubles contract for the supply of feller-bunchers, skidders, and loaders was signed with Canada's Tiger Cat. Negotiations are under way to purchase around 35 forest trucks from China.

AVIC Forestry's Russian subsidiaries, ZAO RosKitInvest, and OOO Henda Sibir, are currently recruiting people to work on the project and operate new foreign equipment.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration Information Server
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