Tomsk Mayor’s Office and Tomsk Region Administration held cooperation talks with Deloitte&Touche and Philips


On January 27–28, representatives of Deloitte&Touche (partner of Deloitte&Touche Regional Consulting Services Limited Maksim Lyubomudrov and Corporate Finance Director Deloitte&Touche CIS Vadim Dubovik) and Philips Sourcing and Supplier Development Manager, Global Strategic Sourcing, Sergey Borovkov.

First Deputy Governor of Tomsk Region Oksana Kozlovskaya met with the representatives of world’s biggest consulting company Deloitte to discuss the issues of strategic partnership and implementation of a number of investment projects in Tomsk.

The representatives of Deloitte&Touche had talks with Tomsk universities on construction of a student campus.
Sergey Borovkov from Philips took part in discussions on possible involvement of Philips in the investment project to modernize street lighting in Tomsk.


It was scheduled at the roundtable session «Economy of New City» held at the Moscow office of Deloitte&Touche that on March 1–2, 2011, Tomsk presents 10 investment projects, including construction of a student campus, modernization of street lighting, and energy efficiency.

Source: Press Service of Tomsk Mayor’s Office
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