Tomsk Region Increases the Volume of Non-Energy Export



Customs statistics recorded a growth on 16.3 % of the regional export of Tomsk region in January – February 2018 in comparison with the same period last year.

 A share of non-energy export in deliveries of Tomsk products is more 74 %, whereas 56.1 % in Siberian Federal district, about 31 % in Russia in all.

In this period, the volume of non-energy export of Tomsk region has increased on 44 % and amounted more $ 34.3 mln ($ 23.7 mln in 2017, January-February).

In the amount of the main products of non-energy export of Tomsk region there are particle board and MDF, lumber, cable and conductor products, telecommunication equipment, particle accelerators, shoes, devices and technical equipment.

Among the essential importers of Tomsk production with the 100 % share of non-energy products are Vietnam, USA, Uzbekistan, Belorussia, Tajikistan, Afghanistan.

More than 75 % of non-energy products are imported from Mongolia, Germany, Netherlands, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan.

In 2018 for the dynamic development of mutually beneficial relations  with international partners in the framework of activity of  regional center of export support the Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry  plan to organize a business missions and presentations of Tomsk productions in such countries: Vietnam, Mongolia, Uzbekistan, Kazakhstan, Armenia, Kyrgyzstan. Also they plan to make an official reception of business delegation from India and Vietnam.

Source: Tomsk Chamber of Commerce and Industry
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