Industrial Park Tomsk Receives Two New Residents


Coordination board for investment activity support and public guarantees took a decision to assign the status of resident of industrial part Tomsk to OOO GeoTechnoNovatsii and OOO Sportcomplect.

OOO GeoTechoNovatsii plans to implement the project of ether glycans for oil industry and other industrial purposes. The project comprises the manufacturing of high-quality brands of cellulose esters and solves the problem of mud reagent import substitution. The volume of investments will be 250 million rubles, 50 new jobs are planned to be created.

OOO Sportcomplect plans to launch sport equipment manufacturing for equipping school gyms, sport schools and fitness centers. The volume of project investments amounts to 88.5 million rubles, 40 new jobs will be created. The implementation will contribute to sport equipment import substitution.

Source: Tomsk Region Department for Investment
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