Tomsk District to Obtain New Modern Potato Storage


Kolpakov company, one of the biggest potato farms of the region schedules to construct a storage with the capacity of 2.5 thousand tons per year in 2018-2019.

The company is the major potato manufacturer in the region and it receives more than 5 thousand tons of product per year. As reported by Head of the farm Denis Kolpakov, potato is sold to trade networks, social institutions and shops of Tomsk district and Regional Center.

In the process of storage construction it is planned to apply module technologies that will allow later to increase the storage capacity up to 8 thousand tons of vegetables and potato per year. It will ensure all-year availability of high quality local product for trade networks and social institutions of Tomsk.

 "Tomsk Region supplies itself with potato by 130-140%. This is an important plant for the region, that is the second important plant after wheat", pointed out Irina Cherdantseva, the head of department for social and economical development of rural areas of Tomsk Region. "This is why we increase productivity of "the second bread" and at the same time look for solutions for storage and creating new manufacturing capacities".

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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