Tomsk region to Direct 1.5 billion rubles for state support of agro-industrial complex


In 2018, 1.5 billion rubles will be allocate for state support of the agro-industrial complex (including priority for the region of dairy and meat industries), of which more than one billion will be allocated from the regional budget, and another 525.9 million rubles will be received from Federation.

The most important expense item will be a support of dairy farming - more than 362 million rubles. On investment lending 243.3 million rubles were allocated, unrelated support in crop production - 159.3 million, grants for beginner farmers, family livestock farms and agricultural cooperatives - 150 million rubles.

In addition, 30 million rubles is planned for the development of melioration, 50 - meat cattle breeding (including breeding), 22.6 - for elite seed production and 14.4 million rubles for northern delivery of seeds.

To implement measures for the sustainable development of rural areas will be allocate 117.4 million rubles (of which 62.6 million - from the regional treasury). New gasification and gas supply facilities will be built in Pervomaisky, Kozhevnikovsky, Shegarsky and Krivosheinsky districts.

The region will continue to finance technical modernization in agriculture and compensate for direct costs incurred by agricultural producers for the construction and modernization of agro-industrial facilities - more than 309 million rubles pledged for these purposes.

Source: Tomsk Region Administration
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