Tomsk Companies Present Solutions for Gazpromneft Digitalisation


Digitalization session involving OOO Gazpromneft NTC representatives was held in Tomsk.

 The projects and elaborations in the field of digital transformation of the industry were presented by TSU, TPU, TUSUR, SibSMU and companies Econophysica, ENBISYS, NPK Tehnika dela, Elecard, Di Labs, UNIGINE, NPF Micran, Rubius, Userstory, SBI Group, SIAM, GeoSpace.

The solutions suggested by Tomsk developers represent industrial application of computer vision, data processing, machine learning. Having regard to other crucial fields, there are VR and AR technologies for simulators, non-destructive testing and industrial items maintenance, remote monitoring and management of deposits, distributed storage systems of geological and hydrodynamic formation models, head hunting in social networks for new digitalization solutions, automated recruiting.

"Speaking from the experience of previous sessions with strategic partners of Tomsk Region for scientific technological development, we came to the conclusion that it is necessary to let corporations in the developer community, build up package solutions and integrate them for particular fields of application. In the end it will help to achieve the economic effect and growth of labor efficiency", gave his comment on the meeting results Tomsk Region Deputy Governor for Economy Andrey Antonov.

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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