Tomsk Region Embraces over 50 Investment Projects Costing 350 Billion Rubles


There are over 50 investment projects being implemented in Tomsk Region with total cost of 350 billion rubles.

Among other completed investment projects with new jobs and effective production Governor Sergey Zhvachkin pointed out isolation valves production at Tomsk Electromechanical Plant that was built from the ground on Gazprom investments within one of the first Russian special investment contracts, modernization of production at Sibkabel company, production development at SibLesTrade company, modernization and growth of hard gelatine capsule production capacity at ArtLife, new facility for production of knit pile fabric at garment factory Tsarina, new production line for honeyberry, blueberry, black currents and cowberry wines at Kakheti facilities.

A number of investment projects were implemented in agricultural industry. The first production line of a dairy farm was launched by agriculturists in Asinovsky district, animal production unit – in Pervomaisky district, the first production line of meat processing plant – in Shegarsky district, a new cattle farm was launched, apart from that pig farm Tomsky and poultry farm Tomskaya were reconstructed in Tomsk district.

"Every municipal entity has implemented investment projects", pointed out Governor Sergey Zhvachkin to officials. "Moreover, our region takes one of the first places in Siberia according to National ranking of investment environment condition. But I set the objective to be one of the first regions in Russia".

"Although the main thing is not the rank but stable and dynamic development of Tomsk Region that will celebrate 75th anniversary in 2019", Tomsk Governor Sergey Zhvachkin outlined. "In order to achieve the result, we have major competitive advantages – that is colossal natural and intellectual resources and human capital assets".

Source: Administration of Tomsk Region
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